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Be prepared..

I’m going to honestly update this site very little it seems, but just as a heads up, the CBUS regional qualifiers will be soon approaching, there’s under a month left to go. Mr. Do will be streaming the whole affair so brace yourselves mentally for that fun. I doubt I’m going to actually follow up on it, but I would very much like to get a list compiling fun activities to do while in Columbus for the regional. Truth be told, I bet google maps or yelp would do the same amount of justice to pointing out the best spots.



See you guys soon!



I’m just going to link it.




Look forward to it.

I’m going to do a post about stuff to do in Columbus while you’re here for the greatest tournament on earth.


Some polo reading for boring winter time.

Hey, it’s winter. Winter sucks. People stop showing up to the polo court, the lights turn out earlier, someone put snakes all over the court, and Fixcraft is still sold out of the damned LT mallet shafts.

So you’re bored. Well here’s some of my favorite polo nonsense from the year. If you’re a nerd like me, you’ve already read them.

Reducing Grip Fatigue by Cosmic Polo

Setting Some Picks by 321 Polo

NA Highlight Reel by Mr. Do

London Open by Urban Outfitters? Really, weird, wow.

Whoa? Weird.

But most importantly:


Updates? Yeah, updates.

Hey everyone.

As you may have guessed the page has been down for a little while now, but hopefully that’s about to change. Things should pick up and start moving forward for the site. I’m hoping to add some cool stuff beyond simply Columbus’ events, but maybe even some other surprises and guest contributors. However, first let me move onto the big update for this post…


Columbus Will Be Hosting Midwest This Year!
That’s correct. This year we will be handling Midwest. The club has already done an impressive job on getting the ball rolling. Thankfully, all I have to do is update this page. Sarah has already very much outdone herself and procured over ten sponsors in the last month (Through dark magic no doubt). Knog, Rust Belt, Roadrunner Bags just to name a few. I’ll likely list some more later, but I’d hate to ruin the anticipation months in advance. I know you’re itching to get signed up for this bad boy, and I’ll have information, including our flier once it’s ready. Until then, know we’ll be shooting for May 25/26th, and of course check The LOBP for more information.

Eh? You want proof of prizes? I guess a fuzzy swag teaser image couldn’t hurt…

Yeah, it's Knog stuff, surprise ruined...


2nd annual Columbus Equinox Turney!


Host club:


Contact info:

We are doing the Equinox tournament again! The tournament is the 22st and 23rd of september. starting at 9:30 am on saturday.

It will be normal 3v3 and NAH rules.

we will have a cap of 32 teams. to register your team just email me at

We will be meeting at the court at Tuttle park, shown by the map below.

We have housing for everyone, just let us know and we will have a place for you.

Come friday night for pick up at the lane and high court!


Tuttle Park

W Oakland

Columbus, OH

United States